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Research Fellowship competition

St John’s College invites applications for up to four Research Fellowships, tenable for up to four years from 1 October 2021. The Fellowships offer an opportunity to carry out independent research in a stimulating and supportive academic environment, and applications will be accepted from any graduate of a university within or outside the United Kingdom.  Successful candidates are normally expected to be either graduate students in the latter stages of their research leading to a PhD, or post-doctoral researchers who have been awarded their PhD within the last two years.  Applications from candidates who have recently taken career breaks are especially welcome.            

The salary scale is £28,331 - £30,942 p.a. and Fellows are permitted to receive additional pay for up to six hours' College or University teaching a week.  Fellows who are full-time students will receive a reduced salary until completion of their courses.  The salary for a Fellow who has other paid work (other than that for up to six hours of College or University teaching) will be reduced by the total amount of this pay.

Subject to agreement with the College, deferral of the start of the Fellowship for up to one year or intermission for up to one year may be permitted, where the Fellow-elect is working away from Cambridge.  Fellow-elect status will apply during such a period, which will count as part of their tenure as a Fellow under Title A.  Research Fellows may also apply to work abroad in subsequent years. 

Research Fellows may apply for grants for academic materials, travel expenses and the cost of extended periods of research if based outside Cambridge.  Conference grants and book allowances are also available.

Research Fellows wishing to live in College are provided with residential accommodation with charges for services and supplies and free lunches and dinners in College.  Fellows who do not live in College are provided with office accommodation.  Those with a partner/family will be eligible for a housing allowance. 

Candidates holding a fellowship or other post-doctoral stipend awarded by a Research Council or other similar body may apply.   Those holding a Fellowship at a Cambridge College (other than a Fellowship without stipend) may not apply.

Applicants are asked to note that no interviews are held and the rigorous assessment of written work is of primary importance.   

Shortlisted applicants in the sciences will be required to submit a statement on headed paper signed by their Head of Department, signifying their willingness to accommodate the Research Fellow, if elected.

Short-listed candidates who accept a stipendiary Fellowship from another Cambridge College will be deemed to have withdrawn from St John’s College’s Research Fellowship competition.

Elections will be made no later than 31 January 2021.

All applications must be submitted by 14.00 BST on 22 September 2020

Information about the College’s recently elected Research Fellows can be found at:

The College is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

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